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Molon Labe - American Flag & Spartan Helmet on Rusted Door - Large Magnet


Molon Labe - Come and Get Them - Large Magnet 

This beautiful print depicts an American Flag and spartan helmet painted on an old rusted, riveted metal door.  It is printed on a small, 7 by 5 sheet of metal. About the size of a postcard.

The Spartan Helmet has become the very recognizable symbol of the Molon Labe "movement" or Come and Get Them!

During this process, the ink is infused in the metal for a scratch resistant finish. (Dye sublimation). Depending on the desired finish effect, the design is either printed directly on metal or over a white gloss background.

  • 5 inches in width by 7 inches in height and ready to adorn any metallic surface. 

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