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Molon Labe - American Flag & Spartan Helmet on Rusted Door - Small Metal Plate


Molon Labe Art Prints on Metal Sheet 

This beautiful print depicts an American Flag and spartan helmet painted on an old rusted, riveted metal door and is printed on a small, 8 by 12 sheet of metal.

The Spartan Helmet has become the very recognizable symbol of the Molon Labe "movement" or Come and Get Them!

During this process, the ink is infused in the metal for a scratch resistant finish. (Dye sublimation). Depending on the desired finish effect, the design is either printed directly on metal or over a white gloss background.

  • 8 inches in width by 12 inches in height and ready to hang.

Larger sizes are available by request. Please email us for a quote.

Please note that while we usually carry the smaller size in stock, larger sizes will be printed, mounted and shipped after receiving you order. So please allow about 5 to 7 days for production process.


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